painting spring greens

I'm breaking one of my own rules by painting a landscape full of
those acidic, poisonous looking greens you only see in spring, when plants and trees are sprouting and in bud.

The trouble with green, of course, is that it's so... green. And in spring, it's even worse. But I set out to paint the shrieking lime green of new growth and the unlikely blue of a spring morning sky, and I think it might work out.

I started on site, with a 10" x 12" board painted in two sessions on location. Then the weather turned English again, and I carried on working on it indoors, from a photograph, sitting in front of my monitor. 

I love it when the weather finally warms up enough for things to begin to bud. The first sign around here is when the hawthorn hedges get a dusting of green, which happened a couple of weeks ago. Now, the woodland in particular has a distinctly confectionery look to it, all mint greens and chocolate browns.

This is totally at odds with the pervading scent of wild garlic, which is everywhere. Pretty little white flowers, lush, glossy green leaves, and a smell that makes you wonder where the gas leak is.

On a completely unrelated note, I found a website which might come in handy one day. I never did get the knack of writing my own artist's statements. Check it out here.